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From time to time Karen is asked to write and feature in articles relating to the events industry.

Executive PA:  ‘Sense and Sustainability’ 

Will sustainability be in the forefront of PAs’ planning events in 2013? The debate begins…

‘Sense and Sustainability’

Executive PA:  ‘Money, Money, Money’ 

Three questions answered on how to achieve big results for a tiny budget!

‘Money, Money, Money’

Executive PA:  ‘PA and Beyond’

Karen was delighted that Executive PA wished to share her story on starting work life as a PA and how this experience was of considerable benefit to her as she launched upon her ‘event management’ career.

‘PA and Beyond’

The Captain’s Club Hotel:  ‘The Coast is Clear’

The hotel was awarded the prestigious Gold award by the Green Business Tourism Scheme – one of only a handful of hotels in the UK to ever secure this status on first inspection.

‘The Coast is Clear’

The Captain’s Club Hotel:  ‘Sustainable Meetings’ 

Another first… The Captain’s Club Hotel is one of only a few hotels in the UK to offer a dedicated sustainability events package.

‘Sustainable Meetings’

Celebrating 30 Years of Working Within the Industry