Looking for clarification?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Thankfully not.  I work with clients based overseas who wish to host events in the UK, Europe and further afield.

    If you are a company overseas then there are many benefits for utilising my service including the fact that I am able to communicate with locations on true time (when liaising with UK and Europe) so no time delays/difference and also I am up to speed with trends and market rates so you can be sure that I will secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

  • There is no straight forward answer to this I’m afraid.

    If securing a location for an event and the client requires a location for a group (semi or private) lunch or dinner then it is my intention to be of help as much as I can.  However, not all restaurants pay agency commission and as I offer this service on a complimentary basis also, I am only able to propose those restaurants and private rooms that pay agency commission.

    So, if you require a ‘comprehensive’ search to be undertaken, it may be better to undertake this search yourself or if you are happy to choose from the many options that have exceeded many of my clients expectations that I am normally able to source then I am, indeed, happy to undertake a search of this nature.

  • I provide a very personal service to a manageable amount of clients and as my overheads are small in comparison to many, I can afford to provide a more comprehensive and personalised service to each and every client that I look after, including helpful guidance as well as a costing comparison analysis.

  • From time to time this does happen and I fully appreciate that… again, I’m looking to secure a long term relationship with my clients so, on the whole, I roll with the punches without penalty to the client – if this situation happens frequently then, of course, I would take a view on whether I could continue to offer my services on a complimentary basis but I would always talk openly and honestly about the situation with you first before taking a decision.

  • As many of my long-term clients will concur, I’m in it for the long haul!  I still look after the needs of clients that I have built up a relationship with during my whole career within the events industry.

    It’s not in my interest to keep costs high for you in order to secure a higher rate of commission payment but it is in my interest to consistently negotiate and save clients money – this way, we build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship together.

If you have a question that has not been covered, please either call 01425 472127
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