Venue Find Service

More and more people are expected to organise events and meetings as part and parcel of their job role. Finding the perfect location is one of the most important elements of organising a successful event.

Whether you’re a UK or overseas company wishing to host an event in the UK or, indeed, Europe and further afield; KLC offers a complimentary Venue Find Service that is quick, thorough and totally dependable. (Please note that if hosting an event in the USA and some countries outside Europe, due to individual country commission agreements a complimentary venue find service solely limited to sourcing accommodation may only be available.)

The many benefits include:

  • An event professional works on your behalf at no cost.
  • Spares you precious time.
  • Provides you with the freedom to concentrate on the many other important elements of the event and, as the case may be, your main job role!
  • Saves your company money.

By simply providing event details of the date, preferred city, location style, approximate number of guests and the type of function, KLC will get to work to find the perfect venue for you.

  • As a bonafide industry expert and accredited TIDS (affiliated with IATA) member, KLC secures an agency commission from locations within the UK and overseas* for placing business with them.

    This enables KLC to provide you with a valuable service completely free of charge.

    * If hosting an event in the USA (and some countries outside Europe) a reduced complimentary service may only be available – please contact Karen for further details.

  • It’s a complimentary service that begins at the location enquiry stage and concludes when the contract has been sent to the client.  The service includes:

    • If required, guidance can be provided to ensure that you have considered everything in order to identify the best fit; such as ceiling height, pillar free environment and load in access.
    • The creation of an accurate location brief
    • A comprehensive venue search is undertaken of those locations fitting to your requirements as stated on the location brief
    • A prompt, accurate and efficient response (usually within three working days)
    • A straight forward ‘at a glance’ costing comparison for all available locations
    • Site visit(s) arranged on your behalf (or undertaken for you should you be based overseas.)
    • Strong negotiation undertaken to ensure that the very best rates are secured
    • Double checking of the details featured on the contract to ensure that everything is just as it should be prior to signing

    After the client has received the contract, subsequent contractual amends and authorisation along with the organisation of the event, payment and finalisation of bills is undertaken directly between the client and the location.

  • We’ve all been there… visiting a location with high hopes only to find that the space available is far too small for the conference set or the location has a restriction that all dancing must finish at midnight yet the party has been scheduled to run until the early hours! As an experienced event organiser, Karen totally understands how important it is to identify any restrictions at the outset and proposing only those that can fulfil the event needs and brief.

    KLC provides a very personal service that is efficient, dedicated and reliable and prides itself on challenging locations and successfully driving down costs to the benefit of the client.

    KLC has an excellent reputation and enjoys harmonious working relationships with a host of location professionals which ensures flexibility, goodwill and proactive responses.

    Another bonus is that your search won’t be undertaken by a junior or middle management but a person of Director level with over 30 years experience.

    In short, your business matters greatly to KLC and the unrivalled service clients receive reflects this sentiment.

  • There are just a few!

    Confirmed Event:

    KLC is able to undertake a complimentary venue find as long as the event is a confirmed requirement.  Unfortunately, KLC cannot offer a complimentary service based on a prospective event.

    Sole company contracted:

    KLC needs to be the only individual, company or agent undertaking the venue find.  Locations will only pay agency commission to the agent/person who makes the initial enquiry so, in order to provide a complimentary service, it is imperative that KLC is the only entity instructed at the outset and makes the first contact with a location.

    Size of Event

    The event expenditure with a location ie for DDR or venue hire, food and beverage and/or accommodation should be a minimum worth of £5,000.00 plus VAT for each venue find requirement.  This will ensure that the agency commission paid by the location will contribute significantly to the time spent undertaking the venue find.

    Should a number of venue finds be required or KLC engages in a long term relationship with a client then this minimum requirement can be reviewed accordingly.

    Prompt Payment

    KLC receives payment of agency commission only when a client has settled an invoice in full.  It is, therefore, requested that a client agrees to check the final invoice and authorise any final payment(s) to the location within 30 days of the event taking place.

    Site Visits:

    KLC will organise site visits for the client to view venues proposed.  KLC will, however, undertake site visits in the UK/Europe on behalf of a client should the company hosting the event be based overseas.  In these circumstances, expenses may apply.

‘Karen is a fantastic events consultant and very helpful in scouting key venues. She responds quickly to requests and is extremely helpful. I strongly recommend her for all your future events.’

‘Karen has a great calibre of clients in her portfolio and understands the luxury lifestyle hotel market which creates an effortless and professional working partnership.’

Director of Sales & Entertainment, The London Edition

‘Karen is a genius at looking for hotels and conference spaces for events.’

‘I have known Karen for many years and can honestly say I have always found Karen engaging, approachable and above all committed to delivering successful events. I have worked with Karen on previous conferences and Karen’s professionalism, connections and experience within the hotel industry is wholly evident; as is her passion for ensuring her events run smoothly. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Karen.’

Global Account, Director Hosmark

‘I’ve used KLC for several years for our conference and haven’t been disappointed! In fact, I trust her to make decisions on our behalf as she knows and caters for exactly our needs. Fabulous!’

‘Having worked with Karen for over 5 years she has shown that she is an extremely accomplished, talented and driven individual. Karen has been instrumental in aligning the right clients and brands with our hotel synergy and therefore we have not only been able to meet but exceed their expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with Karen as she is a true professional in her field.’

Senior Regional Sales Manager, St Martins Lane/Sanderson

Celebrating 30 Years of Working Within the Industry